Who put a real live toad in the hole?


This post is dedicated to the siblings, all the brothers and sisters, the unsung heroes of every family with type 1.

This weekend marks four years since Taylor’s diabetes diagnosis. It may seem hugely weird to mark this anniversary, but it is hard to ignore such a monumental addition to our family. It feels important to celebrate how far we have come in that time and take time to thank the super lovely people that support us : an outstanding paediatric diabetes team plus amazing family,  friends and dedicated school staff.

For the past four years we have been amazed by our boys and their ability to take on everything that has been thrown at them. Taylor is still the energetic Mr T that we all  love and cherish. His bravery and positivity mean it’s easy to make sure diabetes does not define who he is.

Today the real hero for us is Staunton. We have been dazzled by his ability to take it all in (and I mean all in). He has graciously accept diabetes into his  and our life. He has learnt tons about diabetes, which he is always keen to share. Last November, to mark World Diabetes day he gave a 20 minute presentation to his class with no notes!

Staunton will calmly wait for Taylor to complete a blood glucose test. He takes great delight in distracting Taylor when there’s a  hypo to deal with, relishing the chance to be the wildly imaginative, funny and fantastical bean we know and love.

Taylor typed ‘I am lucky because Staunton is amazing and intelagent brother. Altho he can be a tiny bit anoying’

Stauntie you’re our hero!

Good name for a king, as his uncle once said.

Fantastic by name and fantastic by nature 🙂

Fishbus (683)

August 2012


March 2009 a few days before diagnosis


Big grown up KS2!


For any parent with a child in school it can be a huge relief to get to the October half term. First term done phew! For us parents with diabetic beans it  can mark a huge milestone. The start of a new school year can mean getting to know a new team of staff , supporting them through their diabetic training, teaching them about your particular diabetic bean, along with helping your child getting to know and trust their new team and then there is also a new class timetable to sync with your beans diabetic needs e.g.  P.E sessions, lunchtimes, break times, blood testing times, snack times, swimming, afterschool clubs etc.

For team fish, Taylor’s move to KS2 was a thoughtful time. We were all  devastated to learn that Anita (one half of Mr T’s  school expert diabetic team) would not be moving to KS2 with him. Anita has been an amazing support to us all, Taylor has been lucky enough to have her as part of his care team  since his very first day in reception. Her skill, dedication and positivity has been remarkable. We will be forever grateful to her for everything she has done for Taylor, Stauntie and us big fishis too.

Since the beginning of September we have all been getting to know Team Avon and along with the help of Karen (the other half of Mr T’s school expert diabetic team) we have been teaching, supporting and encouraging Helen and Sam as they learn the many many ropes required to look after our Mr T!

They are of course doing an amazing job! 🙂 Their hard work and dedication is really paying off. Our Mr T is happy, healthy and getting to grips with being a huge big grown up KS2!

The amount of skill, effort, vigilance, diligence, commitment and trust that is required by school staff in caring for a diabetic child should not be underestimated. I am hugely proud  what Team Avon has achieved in that first half term, I hope they are too 🙂

Half Term Hoorays!


Half term has felt like it has taken it’s time to get here and now it’s all over! 😦

4 Halloween Parties, a house gig with Mr Sam Brookes, Longleat, rain, bike riding, lego building, film watching and snow! Wowzers what a week!

We kick started our half term in style with a fabulous Halloween Party with our Local Diabetic Support Group. This was amazing mayhem and an enormous amount of fun. Everyone including the adults dressed for the occasion, we did a spot of apple bobbing which really bought out the competitive side in the boys, we played mummify the mummy, made bats and ghost and of course did a bit of spooky dancing! Every time we get together I am truly grateful to be part of this awesome group of peeps!

Then it was off to the Blister’s house for a very special night in with Sam Brookes!!!!!
Me and the boys had kept this house gig a surprise for Mr Fish, he was really thrown when Sam Brookes opened the door! Mr & Mrs Bliss & Miss Baby Bliss were fantastic hosts, it was a very special evening spent with some special peeps. All fishis ended the evening with big grins, especially Bean and Goob who clearly loved being at an adult music gig! They drummed their fingers and tapped their toes along with Sam’s guitar playing completely immersed in the music. Mr T had bloods in the 20’s for most of the evening, it was just tooooo exciting!

We all enjoyed a gruesome time at Bonnie’s halloween party. Thanks to the Wicked Witch of upper Radstock and her sidekick Slaughterhouse Buzz for their hospitality 🙂

A bike ride, dog walks, shopping, catching up with friends and playing taxis’ was crammed in before the next Halloween shindig!

The Ghouls and witches of Haydon welcomed us to their cavern for much shrieking and high halloween excitment. After a soggy session of trick and treating, whilst Taylor rested, Bean and I made it to Halloween party nymber 4! Loads of fun was had with adult bush tucker trials, cream pies in the face and eating donuts off a string – a new skill for Bean 🙂

We ended our week with a spoooootatular trip to Longleat with Granny. Bean held a snake and I held a spider!!! Even though it was cold and exciting, thanks to the pump we managed to keep the hypo’s at bay 🙂

Mr Fish and I ended our week with the Dibbo’s watching Alt – J! They did not disappoint, funky venue and note perfect performance.

Half term thumbs up from all fishis 🙂



Wonderful Wales


Our summer adventure started in Wonderful Wales. We were really very lucky with the weather, we stayed in some beautiful places and met some brilliant peeps.

What a way to start! Three Cliffs Bay

Caerfai – St David’s

We met the amazing Mackenzies here 🙂

Purple pebbles



Gwerniago, Machynlleth

Bean’s favourite way to spend an afternoon 🙂

Nantcol Watrefalls, Snowdonia

At Nantcol the river runs through the campsite, the perfect place to play on a sunny day!

In Wales we learn’t many things! Including that Fishis can climb mountains 🙂

View on the way back down from Snowdon


Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Pennisula

Caerfai Organic Farm, St Davids

Ty Gwyn, Mwnt Cardigan

Gwerniago, Machynlleth

Nantcol Waterfalls, Snowdonia


Bedgelert, Snowdonia


A letter to Fishbus…..


Dearest Fishbus, (provider of transport and so much more!)

Over the last six weeks you have carried us fishis for over 2,000 miles and stopped at 19 campsites across England, Wales and Scotland.

You have kept us safe.

You have been our shelter from midge attack and weather.

You have been a place of stories, tunes and entertainment.

You have provided a place for belongings, stuff and bicycles.

You have provided warm and cosy beds.

You have been cool and airy, when not on midge lock down.

You have been, at times quite smelly (we realise this was out of your control) We are sorry!

You have been our changing room and wardrobe.

You have been our eatery and kitchen.

You have provided a wildlife observation platform and a quiet place for journal writing.

You have been a keeper of keys, treasure and fishis.

But best of all you have been Fishbus.

Huge big thank you from all recent Fishbus residents x x x x

p.s. We are looking forward to our next adventure together 🙂


It’s Nerf or nothing!


And so Beastly Bean is now 9!

Stauntie and his mates Oliver and Jack (who also have birthdays in early July) hatched a plan to have a joint birthday party. Not just any old party, but a Nerf war party in the woods!  I don’t think for one minute they thought us parents would agree to said party! Imagine their surprise when we did 🙂

The boys spent a whole morning designing their invitations and decided to invite their entire class. Us adults did some careful planning, especially Ollie’s Dad regarding games plus we all did a bit of list writing. Me, Tracy (Oliver’s Mum) and Alison (Jack’s Mum) did a spot of shopping and discussed the final details over a coffee 🙂

And so we were ready to party, leaving just one last piece to fall into place – the weather!

I listened to the weather forecast on Friday with horror as the weather man predicted a months worth of rain in 24 hrs! Surely the party in the woods would have to be cancelled……………….NEVER!

We sent Big Fish off for a reckie on Saturday morning and after safety office Clarke had declared it safe. No nerfing nine-year olds were going to be disappointed!

We did worry about how the children would cope with the mud. As usual they just got on with it and completely embraced the mud madness by making a massive mud slide! We watched in disbelief as they all took it in turns to slide down on their bottoms and bellies covering themselves in mud and then they ran off to the river to wash their hands! Mike made a rope swing, but thankfully decided against setting up a zip line. We divided them into two teams and played capture the flag, capture the captain and of course all out nerf war. It was a fantastic afternoon! Everyone got muddy (Tracy and I even had a go on the mud slide) all the children (especially Stauntie Bean) had big cheesy grins on their faces and amazingly no-one was injured! phew! Taylor even managed to keep Potter pump dry, although next time I think we will insist he wears the aquapac just incase.

I am so proud of them all (especially the girls) for going with the madness, embracing the freedom, getting dirty and not caring plus having such a superfantastic time! Being nine is clearly EPIC!

Massive muddy thanks to all the adults involved Tracy, Dave, Alison and Paul for organising such an EPIC party, Mark, Danielle, Nick and Ros for taking photos, helping with games, carrying stuff and everything else they did. Biggest thanks to Oliver’s Grandad who cooked food for everyone in the rain and to Tracy for the brilliant birthday cakes!

I have a feeling this party will go down in history! Not sure how we will top it next year though.

Mud Madness – Bean on the mud slide

It’s Nerf or nothing!

Holy Hypos Batman it’s Diabetes week!


This story is dedicated to all those superheroes battling Dr Diabetes everyday!

The adventures of dun dun dahhhhhh…………Supersonic Goobs & Beastly Bean.

Our story begins once upon a time in the olden days (March 2009) in a land of mist and magic.  We find our gallant hero Supersonic Goobs doing aerial acrobatics and making faces at his arch enemy the Beastly Bean, who is breathing great spears of fire in return.


Somewhere deep in the depths of Pancreasville,  Dr Destructive Diabetes is getting ready to launch his most deadly weapon – Diabetic Ketoacidosis DKA!!! A weapon so deadly that if the victim is lucky they escape alive but are then insulin dependent for the rest of their lives!

Suddenly in the middle of a really tricky somersault our hero falls ill and is not feeling himself, he is more sulky than supersonic, he is extremely thirsty and goes off to drain the local pond, he is moody and very very very very very  very very very very very tired. “What is happening?” our hero wonders.

Our poorly hero is taken to the special secret lab of Dr Langerhans who just happens to be an expert in the weapons of Dastardly Dr Diabetes. Beastly Bean follows our hero to this secret location hoping to launch a surprise attack, but is sad when he finds out how unwell his arch enemy actually is. “Who will I breathe fire at now?” he ponders. Beastly Bean decides to stick around and discover what has weaken his usually strong rival.

After some tests on his bright blue blood, Dr Langerhans confirms that our hero has indeed been the victim of Dastardly Dr Diabetes most evil weapon and now has Type 1 Diabetes.

Our hero is shocked to discover that his super hero body no longer makes insulin.” How will I turn my food into energy? “he exclaims, “I cannot fight the baddies with no energy”. Suddenly Beastly Bean smashes through the lab door and shouts ” I will help you Supersonic Goobs, I bring you the Peanut of Peace, so let’s forget all our bad memories” Dr Langerhans thinks this is a great idea. ” Super sonic Goobs is going to need your help there are lots of things to learn about Type 1 Diabetes especially if he wants to stay strong and powerful to fight the baddies!”

Dr Langerhans takes our hero and his new-found side kick to Camp Cannula. They spend days and days learning how to help Supersonic Goobs stay strong. They learn about: regular finger prick blood tests, the carbohydrate value of food and drink, the magic formula for working out the amount of insulin that is needed, how brilliant the body is, what the pancreas does, how complicated it is to try to be a pancreas, how do inject insulin, how to use an insulin pump, how exercise affects blood glucose results, other dastardly weapons of Dr Diabetes like Hypos, Hypers and Ketones. Plus loads more stuff too!

“Wow this is a lot to remember” sighed Supersonic Goobs. “I know” said Beastly Bean ” my horns hurt from all the maths, how will we remember it all? Maybe we need a whiteboard.”

Dr Langerhans smiled fondly at the exhausted duo and gesturing towards the door said ” Let me introduce you to Constance Vigilance and BasalBolusBeard, they are veteran superheroes of old who can help you in your battle with Dr Diabetes” “ACE!” smiled Supersonic Goobs ” Dastardly Dr Diabetes doesn’t stand a chance! ”

We leave our heroes as they retreat to the comforts of their super secret  cave relieved they have each other to rely upon, although Constance is unsure how she will cope with the supersonic smell!

It is still not known how Dastardly Dr Diabetes managed to unleash this deadly weapon on our Gallant Hero , (but don’t worry the givers of hope are spending millions  trying to discover Dr Diabetes’ evil mode of stealth).

Dr Diabetes may always be out there, but we will not let him win!

Written by Bean aged 8 (nearly 9), Goobs aged 7, Mrs Fish aged 21 🙂 and scrutinised by Big Fish